Week 1 Reviews

My first ever movie reviews. Super excited. Let’s just get straight into it, shall we?

Here are some of my thoughts on this week’s array of movies.

Note: All ratings are scored out of 5 points and based on my enjoyment of the movie and its quality. All ratings are based solely on my opinion.

Day 1 – Stardust

I honestly couldn’t have picked a better movie to kick off my month-long Christmas movie marathon. The story, characterization and even soundtrack all mash together to fill me with a gleeful wonder.

Movie even gives me childhood nostalgia. It reminds me of a song I learnt in primary school – “catch a falling star” – singing it this very moment as a I type. Oh the joy!

Rating: ⛄⛄⛄ – 364 more days till you grace my screen again. Let the countdown begin

Day 2 – The Chronicle of Narnia

You are all cordially invited to join me on a journey through an apple tree wood wardrobe into a truly magical land where we meet the most majestic lion ever with one of the deepest voice.

The movie is plagued with a rather stupid and selfish little brother but thank god for all the other characters who more than make up for his naiveté.

Rating: ⛄⛄⛄ – Take me to Narnia next year

Day 3 – The Nightmare before Christmas

Didn’t y’all get the memo??? Christmas was not reserved for just a chosen few – it is open for all to join in the merriment. Don’t blame you, Jack for wanting to join the party.

Red Alert!!! Spoiler

In one of the scenes, the main character – Jack crushes an ornament into a beaker of boiling water in an attempt to better understand Christmas. The beaker then pulsates with greenish glow as Jack comments, “Interesting reaction…but what does it mean!?!?”

Wouldn’t we all like to know Jack? What makes Christmas, Christmas? Doubt you’d find in a science experiment though Jackie boy.

Bonus points for the wicked animations and that special tune “what’s this”

Rating: ⛄⛄⛄ – until next time

Day 4 – A Christmas Story

Question – how in the hell did this little boy make the “nice” list? Who was in charge of the list?? Person needs to go before a board to explain this discrepancy.

He was such a self-serving, disloyal friend, brother and son. Hombre needs a little lesson on the true meaning of Christmas and friendship. And while he’s at it, can he learn to listen to his mama, teacher or even the department store Santa?

Enough on ragging on him; now let’s talk about how deliciously cute his baby bro was?

And how adorable were their outfits?

Rating: ⛄⛄⛄ – can’t wait to share these with my kids

Day 5 – Surviving Christmas

Can I be so rich that I can afford to pay a random family an insane amount of money to adopt me for the holidays?

Rating: ⛄⛄ – Pass. I am now taking new movie suggestions

Day 6 – Just Friends

What’s that saying? “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all”?? Well I’m just gonna do that now

Rating: ⛄ – This would be a hard no from me. Need a new movie to take its place

Day 7 – Four Christmases

First and foremost, Reese Witherspoon is one very beautiful woman and I love her.

A couple who attempt to lie to families in order to skip Christmas and take a romantic holiday are forced instead to visit each of their parents in one day when all flights are grounded due to a freak fog on the day of their flight. Didn’t they ever learn that Liars never prosper?

We join them as they drive up to each house, and discover life and relationship lessons.

Haha…how funny are Brad’s family names? Dallas, Denver, Orlando (Brad) – named after the city they were born in…hahaha. And how extremely violent his brothers and nephews are…hahaha

All in all I feel like it was a very feel good, funny, relatable movie.

Rating: ⛄⛄⛄ – Don’t have to wait for just Christmas for this one

Had such a great time reviewing these movies. Can’t wait for next week’s.

Thanks for reading… and Joyeux Noël


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