Why I am grateful for a Trump presidency

Calm down people…Lay down your pitchforks…what’s that thing they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s all about context. What’s the other one they say, “…something something…silver lining” or something like that? Anyways, just gonna dive right in.

On June 16th, 2015, when then-Mr Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America, the world, including myself, took it as a sick, horrible, bad joke. I personally viewed his announcement as a cheap publicity stunt – a platform for him to gain some relevance to launch a new show or put forward some new business deal. I mean this was Donald J. Trump we were talking about here – the one with the bad hair, horrible orange tan and meme-worthy facial expressions. I remember when the Huffington Post published that they were going to report his campaigning news in the entertainment section of their website, if at all[1]. He was that much of a joke. But I guess the joke is on us; seeing as he is now one of the most powerful men in the world. He is now working from one of the most powerful buildings in the world. And not too many people are happy about that, as we know from recent events.

Anyways, I neither plan to express my views on his presidency or policies; I simply want to explain how this “joke” candidate who later went on to beat perhaps the most overqualified person out of the job of POTUS has made me better than I was before June 16th. Oops!!! 🙊 Did a little of my personal view slip out there? My Bad ✋

At every turn, every time Mr Trump opened his mouth or otherwise exercised his right to free speech, it has got me thinking. Putting me on perpetual notice. Or as they say in defence readiness, DEFCON 1 or is it DEFCON 5? Not too sure which is higher, but just know I’m on red alert…hahaha, another military reference😛. Before Trump, I rarely watched the news or followed up with world events, in fact, I considered myself to be apolitical. Now suddenly I feel so “woke”. I finally understand why my bestie has been crying to me all these years – cause I think she was born woke.

Let’s start with the announcement in June 2015. This was a very explosive event – his entrance, his comments. I doubt anyone would forget soon enough him calling Mexicans “criminals”, “rapists” and “bad hombres”, or when he promised to build a wall along the American-Mexican border. This truly was what piqued my interest. I chucked this up to usual campaign rhetoric. Now, to be honest, I’m glad for Trump entering the race.

Then we got into the thick of the campaign trails. Pitting him against Secretary Clinton in the debates. It was so interesting to see the different standards they set for 2 people essentially going through the most publicised job interview. One party needed to make sure they didn’t cough, or come off sounding too condescending or looking too pompous, while all the other party had to do was look a little bit presidential. Then the debate started and I found myself researching things I’d never even thought of – crime rates in inner cities, history of releasing tax returns and the possibility of releasing tax returns during audits, the credibility of past statements and in what context said statements were made, the email leaking incident, Benghazi incident, economic plans. Suddenly, I was feeling like this fountain of new information and I was actively searching for whom to have debates with.

Then election night came, and I was reading the US constitution to find out the reasoning behind the electoral college, checking the rules on voting after polling deadline passes, registering to vote on ballot day and all that good stuff. I was reading the constitution to find out about succession in case of various scenarios. Checking whether there was any way to reverse the result they had announced on CNN, reading about the power of the Supreme Court in the eventuality of an election issue.

At the inauguration, there was still the question of ethics looming over his presidency. There I was investigating the past practices, the validity of his action. I’d never even thought of checking these issues in my life.

Since taking the office, President Trump’s administration had rolled out a number of executive orders and all I’ve done since then is ask, “Can he do that?” “What does that mean?” , “Is that legal?” And boy, have I done some extensive research on these questions. And have they yielded some very intellectual conversations.

So all in all, irrespective of my feelings towards the issues, a Trump candidacy and then presidency has not been the worst thing to happen in American history seeing as because of President Trump I am now part of the woke movement. I am now part of the politics. I am now smarter, more knowledgeable and more analytical.

So thank you, President Trump. Thank you, Trump Campaign team and the Trump administration. Arigato to the RNC, the DNC, the US Congress, the US House of Representative, Secretary Clinton and the other candidates. Gracias to the media of the world, especially, CNN, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Fox News and AJ Plus.

And a special thank you to Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing, for without his show, I would be unable to understand and apply the news headlines to the reality that is American politics.

Make America/Jennifer Smart Again ✌

[1] Grim, R & Shea, D, “A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump’s ‘Campaign’” – 07/11/2015 – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/a-note-about-our-coverage-of-donald-trumps-campaign_us_55a8fc9ce4b0896514d0fd66

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