Letter to my Friend

Dear Friend,

You, yes I’m talking to you. You know who you are. My mum always warned me about friends who would never have my back and would one day use stuff I shared with them against me. Boy! Am I glad she was wrong; glad to have dodged that bullet and built a tribe so supportive and embroiled myself in a judgment-free zone that is never afraid to check me?

I love that I can say that I’ve known you since you were brought into this crazy, beautiful world. I am glad to have witnessed your innocence. To have experienced your tantrums. I am grateful for all the fights, betrayals, sufferings suffered at the hands of our mutual enemy and our triumphs. I am thrilled that our bond was formed in said fights, betrayals, sufferings and triumphs and has forever evolved. I have never had to explain things much to you or ever give you much context cause you always pick up what I put down. Maybe it’s our shared blood or just the level of our friendship. Never been one to use the term best friend frivolously but girl that is what you feel like to me. Don’t let your head burst.

I love that I met you cause you prove to me every day that there is absolute good in this crazy and sometimes ugly world we call ours. You’re like a modern-day Mother Teresa or something cause you have a heart of gold that always inspires me to have faith in humanity; if only to find another gem like you. You’re willing to make sacrifices while expecting nothing but love, acceptance and friendship. I feel so blessed to have you in my corner.

I love that we share such a bond that transcends even space and time. You’ve been there at my lowest and been there at my highest. Love that we can be a 100 percent with each other without the need for a pissing contest. I love that I have someone I can fully appreciate with zero ounces of ill will. You definitely bring out my “worst” and I love you for that. To the best long distance friendship and bestest friend a girl could ask for. Thank you for always showing up.

All it took was meeting one of you in my first year in school and now I feel like I gained 3 sisters. Thanks for accepting me into your clan and for always being there during my hours of need with nothing short of grace.

You are living proof that friends don’t need to talk every single day to know it’s real. With you, it’s truly quality over quantity and I sigh with relief knowing that I have a friend who is a million times wiser than me who is always there for me. Don’t know what I did to deserve you.

To you, oh so fierce friend, I am assured that I have someone who I know would literally fight my battles for me. Thank you for allowing me to experience your pregnancy with you and for giving me the most precious gift ever, my baby Jen.

Meeting you and eventually bonding with you seems like fate. Such a whirlwind, an intoxicating whirlwind, that there’s no way it wasn’t written in the stars. Full of food, lots and lots of food, TV and wine. The way you friendship should be immortalised for future generations and recognised as one of the wonders of the world. You literally take my problems and make them yours and cloak yourself in them till they are completely resolved. You truly are friendship goals. And thank you for being my romantic outlet and the best girlfriend a girl could ask for.

If I’m being honest, I had no idea we’d ever have anything close to being real and true. Thought you’d just be someone I used to know, that girl I did my course with. But I guess sweating together and random day dates form real yet surprising bonds. Being from different worlds has sweetened what we share and I can’t wait to see what comes next for us but I know I’m never letting you go.

Who knew that in meeting you that fateful lunchtime, I would be meeting one of my best friends? I sure as hell didn’t but I’m glad it happened. You really are my lover and my best friend all wrapped up in one. You’ve seen me through some of my darkest hours and now I think of you as my anchor, my safe space, my home. Don’t go changing on me, please.

There are worst people to be stuck with by blood but you, my dear, you are the best. Your ability to always call it as it is. To always bring a sense of calm to my sometimes overdramatized problems. How you manage to put away whatever you’re going through to see me through mine. Nothing to say but thank you. My only wish for you is that you can find someone to share your burdens with the way you let me share mine with you.

We have the most unlikely of friendships. From absolute hate to mutual respect. I swear that I may sell my momma for your cooking. Love how we’ve never actually had any of those Snapchat type moments, yet we cool. Straight up banter and midnight Skype alibis.

They say friendships are formed in battles. What “greater” battle than watching those crappy TV shows? Very few things can make you feel good after an episode of PLL but knowing that you also watched it always makes me feel less of a loser. And then being there for Downton Abbey, GOT, Sherlock. No one I’d rather have those hour long chats with. Plus what’s not cool about having someone I can message about my symptoms?

Lots of love,

A grateful friend XOXO


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