Questions for Eve

Just the other day, it was that time of the month and sat there in pain, I was contemplating all my feels and how to express them. I decided that everything started with the first woman on earth – Eve. “How”, you may ask? Well, let me digress a little. If you know your bible story, you know how life was all great and then one day when she was alone, a snake came up to her and offered her an “apple”, and she took it and offered some to her hubby – Adam. Well after that, the big guy was so mad at them (mostly Eve) and chased them out of paradise and cursed them. Anyways, back to the story at hand. So now I’ve decided to channel my anger and have a go at her for all she has and will continue to put me through.

At least, I can take solace in the fact that I’m not pregnant. But hold up, I’m in an LDR, so there’s no chance of that. So, I guess we’re back to rage. DAMN YOU, EVE

Questions for Eve

You with your holy calling;
Endowed with a paradise;
And yet, you gave it all away;
Why, Eve?

Now, I must live with your curse;
All the days of my life;
The girl behind the red door;
When will you leave, Eve?

Crouched beneath the aching agony;
I feel the weight of your piercing embrace;
So sacred, yet so cruel;
What did I ever do to you, Eve?

This river runs wild;
A crimson tide, so unnerving;
Plagued by your ruthless waves;
Who can tame you, Eve?

I feel your warmth;
Sitting on the side of your riverbank;
I dare to move but you are a part of me;
Where do we go from here, Eve?

– J. Chu & C. Uzor


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