Spreading the magic!

Lately, it’s like the world has just gone to shits. You turn on the news (trying to stay current on world issues) and it’s one dreadful story after the other. Like the news has just given up and devoted all its time and resources to sharing the misery of the world. You read about and/or hear stories of possible sarin gas attacks in Syria. Or bombings in Russia. Or knifings in London. Or suicide bombers in the North of Nigeria. Or kidnappings. Or you find out that this sweet lady that has been trying for years to get pregnant finally gets pregnant. And then all hell breaks loose and she finds out at a scheduled ultrasound that she’s lost her sweet baby.

Truthfully, I can’t take it anymore and I choose to not further this agenda of misery. Instead, I choose to spread some joy and magic for some change. At least for my sanity. I will be sharing and re-sharing stories from my personal experiences and internet articles I come across. Anything that fills me up with joy get a feature from now. I refuse to let the world take away my happiness. My humanity.

So here’s to a little ray of 🌞 to brighten up my day. Look out for my dose of happiness 🌈🦋


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