35 Romantic gestures to spice up your relationship

If you’ve ever been in a relationship long enough, you know that that initial spark you had at the beginning, doesn’t ALWAYS last (some people, however, are lucky enough to remain as in love, if not more, as the first day they met…darn lucky people). Sometimes, you just stop trying. Sometimes, you run out of ideas. Sometimes, you just don’t care anymore. You become comfortable (IMO, comfort and routine are the enemies of a long, spicy, romantic relationship). If you’re anything like me then dead romance just doesn’t cut it for you. Well, lucky you, I love romance, and I love to think up ways to keep my relationship as fresh as I can make it.

When I talk about romance, I’m not talking about all those grand gestures. The expensive helicopter rides to an undisclosed island for a candlelit dinner for 2. I’m also not talking about renting a limo to take you lover to an exclusive upscale posh restaurant which you rented out just for the both of you, where they serve 2 peas and a tiny baby bird as a main meal. I don’t know about you but if I tried that’ I’d probably be having to sell my organs every other week (and probably my lover’s organs too). May even resort to selling the rest of my body when the organs finish –who needs toes or fingers after all?

So here are a bunch of simple, little, thoughtful and cheap (let’s not forget cheap) romantic gestures that are sure to keep the fire burning in your hot romance:

  1. Have a picnic in the comfort of your home – Required: mood music, candlelight, sexy food
  2. Leave little love notes around the house and in your significant other’s pockets
  3. Cook a really nice meal together
  4. Visit your local park and people watch, make a game of it. Make up stories for the people you see
  5. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket – maybe find a constellation book/app (sure they have stuff like that) and pop out a telescope and name as many as we can. Or just good old fashion lying down under the stars and gazing
  6. Game night with some friends
  7. Home spa day/night – bubble bath, facial, massage


  1. Sunset picnic
  2. Role play: book house viewings and visit an open house
  3. Attend amateur nights at your local bars and pubs
  4. Attend open mic nights – if you’re brave enough, sign up
  5. Be independent and learn a new skill – this would give you a confidence boost and open up your heart cobwebs
  6. Take up a new activity together – baking, cooking, dancing
  7. Weekend getaways

Bloom Leisure Art Bike Locomotion Flowers

  1. Rent a bike and have a night ride along a very romantic area
  2. Throw you significant other a random surprise party, just cause
  3. Prepare your significant other’s favourite meal after a long day or a trip
  4. Break the mould and dare to be unpredictable
  5. Get sweaty together
  6. Make your significant other a music playlist
  7. Recreate your partner’s favourite movie scene
  1. Make a scrap book with old pictures and gift it to your partner
  2. Take some quiet time and talk about your day
  3. Create a treasure trove of some of your partner’s favourite things
  4. Make a bunch of personal vouchers for your partner to redeem at any time
  5. Snuggle together on a rainy day and watch some romantic movies (I personally endorse old classic movies for days like this)
  6. Act childish – sneak away from your friends to have a make out session, or make out at the movies
  7. Pretend you’re going on a first date


  1. Initiate physical contact – hug for longer (like an extra 20/30 seconds)
  2. Movies with a twist – catch a movie you both would never see normally
  3. Tourists for the day – visit a new city or tour your current city
  4. Pay your significant others random compliments
  5. Bring home take-out from your partner’s favourite restaurant
  6. Dance party at home
  7. Make an effort – groom yourself and look good for your partner

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