Miracles and breaking chains

No need to focus on the possibility of WW3 brewing with the actions of the U.S and North Korea. Don’t even even worry about the French election taking place that bears a striking resemblance to Brexit vote and Election 2016. Forget about all that cause this week on Feel Good Friday:

Yoga with a buddy

Life imitates art

NASA astronaut, Dr. Peggy Whitson has once again broken another record💪🏽. Adding to her already impressive repertoire, she now holds the record for “spending the most days in space by a U.S. astronaut”, having spent, 535 days and counting (as of 24/04/2017).

Lol…when I was reading this story, all I could think about was that new movie with Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds – Life 😬. So many similarities with Jake’s character, it’s actually frightening -both doctors, both work out a lot in space, both staying longer than they planned to up there. I just hope life does not imitate art too much, cause [spoiler!!] 

I doubt earth can deal with a Calvin situation🙈. Looking for a movie to watch? Look no further and thank me later. Click for the full story  

Serious Sibling love

King of recycling

Court refuses trial by combat

Breaking news (honestly, more like stale news): A court rejected this man’s request for a trial by combat⚔️!!! What???? Hasn’t this court ever watched Game of Thrones?? You never deny a request for combat by trial. You nominate a worthy champion to fight to the death for you to settle the case. I think these magistrates need to become familiar with Tyrion Lannister and the whole world as told by George R.R. Martin. Ok, let me give them a break, at that time, they didn’t have the hit series out yet, but at least the books were out; isn’t the court supposed to be informed???? Thoughts? Click to read the full story

Feeding the homeless

It’s a miracle: Doctor brings back dead baby

Warning!!! The video may be a little gory for the more sensitive viewers, but take my word that it will surely exercise your tear ducts.

This baby was born without a pulse, but after 20 minutes of resuscitation carried about by this doctor, the baby has a strong heartbeat and a steady pulse. God, I love doctors.

Sam the footballer

Free cover up tattoos

This tattoo parlour in Baltimore, MD, is doing a service that truly embodies the notion of redemption – offering FREE tattoo cover ups for gang signs and racist tattoos. Read the full story here  

If she’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right

To donate to her gofundme, click here

What are some interesting, inspirational, uplifting and happy stories or videos you’ve come across? Happy Fri-yay


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