ABUJA: A Guide for tourists and locals

So I recently moved back to Nigeria to do all those next step things people do after studying – Law school and NYSC 🙄. Yay!!! 😶What you may not know is that I live on a small island in the South of Nigeria #TMI. Honestly, if I had a family and had to live in Nigeria, that is where I would raise them. It has 24hrs electricity and water, all your needs get catered for, mad leisure and sporting activities to keep you busy. LOL! I feel like I’m writing a brochure for the island. Perhaps I should go into the brochure writing business 🤔. Perhaps, people would pay me to visit their locations and write about it #DreamJob #LivingtheDream.

Ok, back to what I was saying. Where was I? Moved back…Live on an island…raise a family…Oh yeah, well, seeing as I am a young woman in her 20’s with no family, the island is not my ideal spot. So, when my laptop broke down in March, I took this as a sign to visit the nation’s capital. Then the airport got shut down (LOL…what international airport shuts down for 6 weeks? At least I should be glad they reopened when they said it would). So I’ve kind of been here with no end in sight, trying to have a good time.

Having spent all this time here, I’ve made a list of some fun to things to do and places to go while in town. You’re welcome 😊


  • Moscow Underground: Why not make it a long ass weekend, every week (Thursday – Sunday). The biggest drawback, like most clubs and bars in Abuja, has got to be indoor smoking. So don’t forget your shampoo and conditioner for the morning after 💆🏽
  • Play Lounge: A very tight spaced atmosphere with banging music from different genres. Apparently, it’s the place to be on a Thursday night.
  • The Bank: Open on Friday and Saturday
  • The Caribbean Lounge & Nightclub: The ambience makes you think you’re truly on a Caribbean adventure
  • Somerset Rooftop bar: A nice chill spot to hang with your friends and by God, the view from up there. Bonus Point: FREE WIFI🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽


  • Sofa Lounge: Do not miss out on the Thursday Karaoke night👩🏽‍🎤. Kick back; enjoy a few drinks (Tip: not a gin drinker? Avoid the Long Island Ice Tea) and live your rock star dreams👨🏽‍🎤
  • Vanilla Restaurant and Lounge: Looking for a bar that serves cocktails where you can have a bite with your friends? Look no further than Vanilla. Great atmosphere with great music, shisha and food


  • Dunes Continental: One of the more upscale restaurants. Set on the top floor, so there’s a view, to go with your meal. Cuisine seems to be some kind of Mediterranean dish, very mouth watering. WARNING: Avoid the pina colada

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  • Metro Café: Café on one part and a restaurant on another. The restaurant caters to the needs of the carnivore in you, with beef cuts, chicken, lamb and even shrimps. With mellowed out music in the background. Or why not also relax in the ever comfortable café and have some hot cocoa? You won’t even realise when night falls. Bonus point: FREE WIFI 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽(just ask your wait staff…and ignore anyone who tells you they don’t have, lies)
  • Johnny Rockets: Looking for some world-class burgers, fries and shakes while watching the big game? Look no further. Johnny Rockets is an American diner with a sports bar on the second floor to suit the needs of all sports fanatics. So you can afford to take your girl out to eat without missing that highly anticipated finals match between your team and the other totally lame team.
  • The Charcoal: Penthouse location to enjoy a nice grill with cocktails and some sweet music
  • Wakkis: Boasted to be Abuja’s best (probably only) Indian-Nigerian restaurant. Enjoy your meal, on the local wood finished furnishing in a serene environment. Kind of reminds you of camp life. Do try the seafood selection.
  • The Ivory Place: Fine, upscale dining with a superb wine and cocktail menu. Plus don’t forget the view from the terrace while you’re there #DateSpot
  • The Abuja Grill and BBQ Festival: An annual event that showcases the best grill and barbeque Abuja has to offer. Guests are immersed in the smoke, music and utter fun


  • Hash House Harriett: You the adventurous, hiking type? Want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of a city life and commune with nature? Get your daily cardio…they meet up every Saturday and hike a pre-determined trail. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and a bottle of water
  • Magic Land Abuja: A fun amusement park for friends and family
  • National Children’s Park & Zoo: Who doesn’t like the zoo?


  • Rockview Hotel: Lounge at the pool all day with your friends


  • Sandralia Hotel: Luxury pool day experience with the gang. And how about that trampoline? Also, don’t forget to bring a ball cause there’s a sandpit to pay a quick game of beach volleyball
  • B-Natural Spa & Fitness: Treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience with soothing massage and don’t forget those nails.
  • Durban Street Neighbourhood Park: Pack a picnic and a ball and have a fun chilled day in the sun with friends
  • BMT Garden: Want to spend time with your family? Or are you looking for a romantic spot for you and your SO? Or you need to catch up with your clique? Look no further, The BMT is a wholesome space with a pool, hot tub, bar, gym and even a zoo. In a couple of months, they’re also erecting a club. Tangent: Ever wondered what the pearly white gates would look like? Well this should give you an idea (maybe except that it’s not white…or pearly…but it definitely has a presence)

So I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. Where do you go and what do you do when you’re in town?



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