For a while now, I’ve been watching people have a go at feminism and people trying to convince me that feminism was so dumb or no longer necessary. Saying stuff like, “I can’t fuck with a feminist”. But I’m here to set the record straight.

Let me tell you about my night. So I heard about a comedy show that was being organised to commemorate the Sallah celebrations. I didn’t have much going on and I wanted to hang out with the guys I had been playing basketball with, outside the court. They seem like really cool people and they were a good distraction from my routine. So, I arrive (Central African Man Time) at the event with the only other girl from basketball; all the seats at the back were taken, so we decide to mosey on up to the front and enjoy the show. Well, for the most part, I did enjoy the show. I say most cause well…If you’ve ever been to a comedy show, you know never to sit in the line of sight of the performer. However, I was prepared to be used as a material for the show…it’s all for the cause, but I never expected what was coming at me.

I am generally a well put together person, I speak softly and pretty eloquently (to strangers). I am highly educated and quite enlightened. But nope, when they looked at me, all they saw was “PROSTITUTE”. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being a prostitute. Gotta respect any hustle (newly found appreciation), but, a frigging prostitute is any person who engages in sexual activity for compensation. So except you know someone is for sure engaging in sexual activity for compensation, do not frigging refer to them as pros. Anyways, those were the kinds of jokes that were thrown my way. Like “this girl could never be in this fine establishment if a man did not pay for her time and bring her here”, or “this girl could never afford nice things, she must be “packaging” herself”, or “this girl doesn’t have a drink, won’t her “John” buy her a drink or is she not worth it”. Well FUCK YOU and fuck your lame jokes cause the jokes on you.

I wish that was the worst part of the night but, I was also accosted by the man sitting next to me the whole night even though from the moment he began to talk to me I had shut him down, but no, “I was being difficult” and “making him chase”. That’s why he had the gall to try to grab my crotch and butt. And then there were the guys who had to dance with me, and the only way to do this was to pull me towards them without my consent. And then the guy who basically told me that I couldn’t talk with the men and all I could offer was a blowjob. Like I’d ever touch him, even if we were the last two humans alive…EEK

Honestly, the whole night was filled with shit like this but it reminded me that IT’S NOT ALL IN OUR HEADS. Women have to deal with shit like this every single day, in every part of the world. I will not be silenced or excluded from the conversation just because of the sex I was born with. So fuck you if you think feminism is irrelevant in today’s society. And I have one more thing to say to you, Feminism would go away the same day sexism takes its leave. Now prepare to be educated.

P.S. I’m sure there might be some people who read this and think, what did she wear to make them think she was a prostitute? Well, jokes on you, cause I wore a turtleneck top with a below-the-knee skirt and I had my hair in pigtails and was even wearing my glasses. So no sweetie, it wasn’t me, it was the sexist pigs who chose me as an easy prey. And by the way, if you thought that, you are part of the problem and need to read my next post…


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