Dude, where’s your life? – Nigerian Law School

Dear friend,

Well, I made the highly anticipated move and I’m still alive to talk about it. What has been happening?

Well, as it usually is for me, I couldn’t fly with my suitcases…as is my usual airport luck🤦🏽‍♀️. Luckily, I arranged for them to be sent to me. Yeah, I know I have a lot, but I’m moving to a new place. What do you expect me to do? Live like a savage??? (For more on my airport woes, click here)

It’s definitely weird going back to living alone again. I keep thinking there are monsters just waiting beyond my covers in the dead of the night👻…this prompted me to stop watching Midsomer Murders past 7 pm (cause my idiot brain associates it with horror…I know, dumb).

How is my apartment? I quite like it. Very cosy. But I need to make sure I don’t make the mistake of not socialising. I doubt that would be a problem seeing as I met some of my neighbours today (we actually walked to the law school together…yay me!! Making friends). And other than the little fire incident I had, everything has been quite rosy.


Registration was a mess. Not going to go into all of that but just know it was a mess. They say though that this isn’t the norm and that these were unforeseen circumstances, but I somehow find that hard to believe, but we shall see. If I had to pick a motto so far, it would definitely be, “It’s all speculation, nothing from the official channels”. But I believe that’s about to change now, we’d see. More to come…

The first day of “class” was a shocker for most, cause no one was expecting an actual class. We were all kinda just expecting an induction. A forum to ask all our questions (…cause from what I saw, we have a lot). Honestly, I don’t understand what happened in that class or how to not get whammied again. What do I read? When? I’m already crossing my fingers for my exams. I guess it’s time to make friends with someone who just recently finished the Bar 1 portion, so I can maybe see the format the exams come in. Cause to me that’s all that matters, the exams and how to pass them.

Signing out now, maybe I’d have more to say later. If nothing, I already know that this would be a memorable experience. Can’t wait to fully experience it

Wish me luck😋🤞🏽


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