Pamper Series: Rejuvenating Facial

I’ve been so busy and neglecting my skin and noticed that my face looked so dead. We’ve all been there before…well this perfect spa quality facial did the trick for me and revived my skin. And it fits right in with my previous “spa-at-home” treatments. Total life savers

Without further ado, what you’d need:

  • A cleanser
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Oils – castor/olive oil, jojoba
  • A pot
  • A bag of green tea
  • A small towel
  • Face mask
  • Exfoliator
  • Spa water/Chamomile Tea

Step 1: Face Prep

First things first, you’d need to have a clean canvas. Hence, to remove any oils, dirt or residual makeup, wash the face with a gentle, ph-balanced cleanser. 

How to wash the face: Massage the cleanser into your skin and rinse off with lukewarm water then gently pat your skin dry with a clean washcloth. Make sure you don’t pull or tug at the skin

Make sure to check that the cleanser is free of sulphates as they can be very drying and damaging to the skin.
NO to sodium lauryl sulphate🙅🏽
NO to sodium Laureth sulphate🙅🏽

Here’s more info on why you should avoid sulphates.

Also, remove any eye make up you may still have on.  I love to use castor/olive oil on a cotton pad to remove my make up. Or you could use any other specialised eye makeup remover.
If you use an eye makeup remover, you want to apply some castor/olive oil to the eye lashes, as a pre-treatment.

Step 2: Prepping the steam

Fill a large pot with water and set on fire to boil

Step 3: Warm towel treatment

While you wait for your water to boil, wet a small towel and wring out to make sure it’s not dripping, then you place this on a flat plate in the microwave for 30 seconds, until it is warm. Then lie down and place the towel over your face. The steam and warmth from the towel opens up your pores and is very soothing. You can lay in this position for 5-7 minutes

I like to use this time to do some meditation or catch up on one or two youtube videos (usually The Financial Diet or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver or The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

Step 4: Face Steaming

Now that the water is boiling, turn down the heat to a gentle boil.

Add a bag of green tea – this infuses the water with antioxidants and some aromatherapy. If you’re feeling very spa-y, you can also add a few drops of some essential oils.

Then you place your head over the steam and allow it to penetrate your skin for about 5 minutes. You’d notice that you start to sweat into the pot, this is a good sign. Just be careful not to put your face too close to the steam as you don’t want to get scalded or for the water to accidentally pour all over your body.

Step 5: Exfoliating

To get rid of any skin cells or any remaining dirt, apply an exfoliator and gently exfoliate the face, making sure you don’t tear the skin.

  • Recipe for a sugar scrub – Mix 2 part brown sugar, 1 part oil (almond, olive, coconut or whatever on hand), honey and lemon juice in a jar

If you have a face brush, you can use it here, if not, it’s not essential.

Step 6: Face Mask and relaxation

Rinse your face and apply a hydrating face mask and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.

At this point, you can make yourself a refreshing spa water or a soothing cup of chamomile tea.

  • Recipe for a soothing spa water – Combine freshly sliced lemons, cucumber slices, mint leaves and still/mineral water in a mason jar and enjoy this soothing drink.

Save two slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes and take nap here or listen to an audio book or some music. The cucumber contains ascorbic acids that reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

Step 8: Face Massage

After about 15 minutes with the face mask on your face, you can now rinse it off. At this point, you want to use a non-pore clogging oil to massage your face. This allows for improved circulation and blood flow to give your skin a glowy and radiant look.

Non-pore clogging oil Pore clogging oil
Jojoba Coconut
Argan Cocoa butter
Almond Flax seed oil

For a more comprehensive list, please check out – 

Step 9: Finishing touches

After a relaxing massage, apply a suitable facial moisturiser to your face.

Now your face is looking alive again, don’t forget to continue to treat it right every day.

Have a good weekend😘


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