Week 3 Reviews

These past few weeks have been right from hell 🔥 Remember when I said nothing bad happens in Christmas? Well, I think the universe took that as a challenge and decided to show me 😰 Anyways, we’re back at it again with some of my highly anticipated movies 💃. Too excited to make a long … More Week 3 Reviews

Week 2 Reviews

It’s time to turn up the festivities cause it’s drawing nearer to C-day 💃. Clock strikes 20:30 and I snuggle up in front of the TV in my pyjamas with my glass of wine, hot cocoa or ice cream (depending on the general tone the day has taken) to catch me some yuletide joy. Here … More Week 2 Reviews

Week 1 Reviews

My first ever movie reviews. Super excited. Let’s just get straight into it, shall we? Here are some of my thoughts on this week’s array of movies. Note: All ratings are scored out of 5 points and based on my enjoyment of the movie and its quality. All ratings are based solely on my opinion. … More Week 1 Reviews